What Is Woven

I’ve built a frame and called it God.

I hammered nails into planks borrowed

from cleverer souls than I,

bored holes with years of looking closely,

and twisted joists within.

I’ve strung the contraption tight as a harp,

one string for every breath taken in silence,

in time set apart to honour That.

The threads I’m handed hold clashing colours,

and I’m not told the pattern in advance,

but I’ve chosen the Beloved as a loom

for my task, and in invisible structure

I allow this work to take shape,

this net to catch my despair, or hopelessness,

and spin something beautiful out of it.


Day 21: Temple to Truth

In a sanctuary with walls

made of paper and stories,

I fall to my knees, with reverence still,

and whispers surround

of the tales and the turnings

they have left here for me.

Here, let me soak in a thousand languages

so I can ask in a thousand ways

Why? How? Tell me more.

Show me spirit from a million refracted angles,

let me catch its shadow

in centuries of dusty mirrors.

Lift up your feet,

what marks has your journey left on you?

I trace your scars like fault lines

and ache to know their origin.

Teach me, as I sink my hand in

the green water at the lure of a coin,

why the bubbles move that way

and tell me all the things we still don’t know.

May I expand till a world’s worth of

wisdom fits inside me,

as I build bridges of myself

with leather-bound volumes

and fractals of




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Day 15: Waiting in Time

I sat down in the middle of the road.

While others hurtle past

I bend myself into the

petals of a flower born in mud.

I take my horse from the horse,

my name from the hat,

the phone from the hook.

I hit pause, not break, not quit.

I let the water still

and listen for the silence

that houses all.

I chase my happiness like

a pile of papers dropped on

the sidewalk, tumbling in the air.

The chase, that looks to you like stopping,

is spinning my insides upside-down,

moulding me back into star stuff.

Just wait till this cocoon splits.

Day 4: Daring to Question

I’m watching Yentl for the first time, in which Barbra Streisand dresses as a man in order to attend school and study sacred texts. She falls in love with Mandy Patinkin and arguably wrestles with her gender and sexuality, all the while just trying to find the freedom to learn. If you haven’t seen it, it’s pretty much as fabulous as it sounds. All she wants is to devote her life to the pursuit of wisdom, to asking the biggest, deepest, most essential questions of life, and to be surrounded by others who want to ask them too.

I know the feeling. Continue reading “Day 4: Daring to Question”