Swing of the Pendulums

Let the pendulum swing,

this moment is only for us.

As much as possible, in the darkness,

I reside in you and you in I.

For now, we become each other

and the becoming is sweet,

as we unbecome ourselves

and seek to take on the guise

of something half you and half I.

Here and nowhere else –

if we can hold now that long –

we taste the sharing that is divinity.

Here and only now,

I don’t have to choose between wholeness and you.

There is something sacred in me stopping

to brush the hair from your face,

there is something sacred in the breaking pain

of knowing this instant can’t last.

There is something sacred in the gentleness

we take, handling each other’s hearts.


Day 2: Am I Worthy?

Who am I to write poems? I’m not interesting. I haven’t overcome much. My ego tells me I have no stories to tell, that it would be extremely arrogant for me to take up any space. I would be stealing the spot of someone who actually deserves it.┬áIt would rather I stay in the shadows and never do or create anything at all, and mistake that for humility. But humility doesn’t mean believing yourself unworthy; it means acknowledging that everyone else is of equal worth.

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