Day 31: If Me Became We

A passport or a hand,

to have and to hold.


If our branches intertwine

and our roots become locked,

can the rain hit both our leaves?

If I let myself fall into you,

can I still climb with white knuckles

to the edge of my self?

Say we twist our hearts in half

and I take yours and you take mine,

and over a hundred years

we bleed each other’s blood

and measure the pulse of our lives

by the beloved’s beat,

would both still be whole?


If I took handfuls of dirt

from the bottom of seven seas

and locked them in a jar,

or wound my legs

around a thousand lovers,

or crept up a ladder littered

with paper money and accolades,

would I become more of me than

I’d be if I spent the days

in love with you,

the way you deserve.


If our promise was the ground I stood on,

even if it turned to quicksand,

is it any less firm than the

castles of cloud people hang in the air?

If we chose to believe in an “as you wish,”

would you and I pay the price?

Or is dissolving the only way

to a world that lives

in grains of sand?




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