Day 27: Holy Mess

At the end of the day,

I come home and throw my coat on a chair.

Then I do the dishes.

I spill something on the rug.

Then I clean it up.

I roll around in my bed.

Then I straighten the sheets.

There is mess, there is chaos,

there is ease and spaciousness.

And soon after, there is order,

neatness, the scrape of a bristled brush on a dustpan.

Some days I decide to be sugar-free,

others I eat cake,

but most of the time those are the same days.

My body is a temple and my home,

so I want to treat it kindly and nourish it well.

It’s also God’s gift to me,

to do with as I please.

I was given that freedom.

Every workout, every lie-in,

every green juice or pizza,

it is all divine.

Born of my divine free will.

The intentions and the missteps

are the path to remembering

I am watched and protected,

and I feel that sheltering love

in every inch of my unhealthy





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