Day 26: Earthquakes

I used to know someone with a heavy load.

She walked silently, thought if she said

nothing, no one would know.

She wanted to protect us.

We didn’t tell her how the

weight of something not even ours

was compressing our ribs,

made it hard to breathe,

hard to remember how

lightness felt.

We wanted to protect her.

Her life had been built

on shifting plates,

and since we’d moved in so close

when the ground shook

we all felt it.

Depression seeps like water under doorways,

hides in cupboards to jump out at you,

dresses like an old friend,

distinguishable only in his

muted colours and musty smell.

She was drawn to my joy,

I to her courage.

Then night fell,

and it took from me just one slip of certainty

to learn her sadness was stronger.




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