Day 23: Watercolour Fish

Complete in ourselves,

but stronger together.

We are watercolour fish

who have mastered the swim

and now ache to fly.

Each with a wing,

we construct our ascent together.

Naked – we bare it all

and in being known, find safety

from the stones they’ve thrown.

We cling to each other,

not in desperation,

but because we know to love this deeply

is the greatest act of courage.

This connection outwits time and makes moments stretch.

It pulses out around us in cloudbursts of pink.

You are the sun,

I am the water,

and this passion is the soil in which we grow.

We are twin souls revolving.

Between us, our hands clasp

so we might spin out

to the ends of the universe

and always find our way home.

Because you love me,

I can do anything.

Because I love you,

let’s do it together.



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