Day 22: 11

My body belongs to love,

and love alone awakens me.

Your tongue may travel

while you grip my waist

with your hungry fingers

and no part of me responds.

If flowers and letters

precede promises of union,

for an instant I may be swayed.

But tell me we’re a team,

and I’m soft as warm butter.

Say it’s forever

and I lean into you, back arched,

slip my leg between yours.

Sighs drunk with affection

find replies in quiet moans.

Unexpected kisses make my

skin ache for your touch.

Whisper it was always me

and watch as I shiver with pleasure.

I am a creature of ones.

My heart joins but once,

a single devoted dive,

and my body follows suit,

in undivided motion.




P.S. If you like, check out my Etsy store and support The Humane League!


2 thoughts on “Day 22: 11

    1. You’re absolutely right. So often we’re waiting for the tiniest sign of affection or validation from others, while at the same time we don’t think to give it to others.

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