Day 21: Temple to Truth

In a sanctuary with walls

made of paper and stories,

I fall to my knees, with reverence still,

and whispers surround

of the tales and the turnings

they have left here for me.

Here, let me soak in a thousand languages

so I can ask in a thousand ways

Why? How? Tell me more.

Show me spirit from a million refracted angles,

let me catch its shadow

in centuries of dusty mirrors.

Lift up your feet,

what marks has your journey left on you?

I trace your scars like fault lines

and ache to know their origin.

Teach me, as I sink my hand in

the green water at the lure of a coin,

why the bubbles move that way

and tell me all the things we still don’t know.

May I expand till a world’s worth of

wisdom fits inside me,

as I build bridges of myself

with leather-bound volumes

and fractals of




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