Day 16: Sand and Snow

Think of all I miss,

locked into this box of

my worries, lusts, and mistaken identities

I could count in grains of sands,

and only fill the hourglass halfway.

Imagine the acres of faces

with open, waiting eyes,

voices raised in song,

the things which are no-things,

that stretch over the world so thin

I feel them less on my skin than snowflakes.

As they run me through

clean as an sharpened arrow

aimed at the space between my eyebrows,

they fill the gaps in the atoms,

if I’ll admit they are there.

But to let them permeate

the fortress around my thoughts

– that spilling hourglass –

guarded by the terror of what might be stolen,

I have to fight back the fight in me,

learn to walk with back bent forward

and twist heart open to the sky

at the same time.

How can my mind puzzle out the sense?

protecting as it does an empty safe,

so scared to find solace in invisible snow.



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