Rumi’s Apprentice

So my mum got me a copy of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic for Christmas, for which I’m extremely grateful. And as she has before, that woman is changing my life. Liz Gilbert that is. Well, my mum too. They’re both very special people.

Anyway. From the first page her story of the poet Jack Gilbert (no relation) and his life started a familiar stirring in me, as if a small animal was pawing and fidgeting in the pit of my stomach: you should be writing poetry.

It was a familiar sensation, usually brought on by reading poetry, talking to a friend who is writing poetry, sometimes even just hearing the word. Although I adore all writing, verse is always the medium that has appealed to me as the most pure, ethereal, beautiful, with no purpose other than to give voice to something inside the human spirit.

I felt the itch and rushed to my room to seize a notebook, where I wrote:

What makes my heart sing?

What would I do if I could do anything in the world?

What do I love more than myself?

The answer came back clear, unapologetic, almost a command:

Spiritual poetry

I’ve loved writing poetry since I was about eight or nine. I’ve been fascinated by spirituality since I was fourteen. It’s fairly recently that I’ve allowed myself to get to know their ruddy-faced, twinkly-eyed love child – spiritual poetry.

I wrote some devotional poems while I was staying at an ashram a couple of months ago and completely loved doing it. It was such a fantastic marriage of my love of creativity and my love of Spirit. When I started this blog my original title for it was Rumi’s Apprentice. But Liz’s book reminded me that despite my passion and my intention, I’ve written…maybe two poems in the last month. Two drafts of poems, that is . And with this rare opportunity I have right now of so much time on my hands, if I claim to love this art, then I need to dedicate some time, work, and devotion to it. I need to prove my love. I added a line to my notebook:

Challenge for 2017 – Write a poem every day for a year. Blog about it.

This is my new intention. One of several new projects I’m dedicating my self towards. I will write one poem (probably spiritual in nature) every day, most likely post them here and comment on my progress. Maybe it seems reckless to declare this goal considering I just had this idea a few hours ago, but it feels right. Making time for poetry always feels right to me so despite the doubts I still feel this a doable, good idea for me. It’s of course possible I won’t last a full year, but I’m excited about trying. I’m excited to see what happens and I don’t want to get too caught up in the ideas of success or failure.

So when the New Year begins so will my personal challenge. I will spend the next few days gearing up for it. I can hardly wait.


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